Hi. I'm Matthew Krager

But you can just call me Krager

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"The computing scientist’s main challenge is not to get confused by the complexities of his or her own making."
— E. W. Dijkstra


An app for foodies to track, post, and share different cuisines. Journal, share, and discover foodventures. Everyone can be a Foodie!


A service intended to help local businesses with getting attention on social media. Cashpost works to facilitate organic interactions between businesses and customers by offering rewards. Launching in late 2019!


A social media that revolves around quoting. Did your friend say something funny? Quote it! With QuotEm it has never been easier to capture all the hilarious nuances of everyday life.

Arcade Radar

Arcade Radar locates arcades via webscraping and displays them on iOS. I love arcades!

React Fast

A mobile game to test reaction time through many different game modes. Leaderboard included!

OC Regional App

A platform on iOS and web that allowed FIRST Robotics to communication with competitors.

VEX Scout

An app that displayed robotics competition stastics & analytics. 1000+ users back in the day.

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